V Australia Business Class

I’m a lucky guy, not least because perks like flying business class to Phuket don’t come along in every relationship. (But no, seriously, that’s the least of the reasons I’m lucky to be with my Mr). I’ve never flown business class before, but I tell you now, I could quite esaily get used to it.

We boarded the flight and were immediately offered champagne and chocolates, which we happily drank while the rest of the flight boarded. Not long after take-off, these were followed up by some warmed nuts and gin and tonics.

One of the great things about business class is you get service whenever you want it, and not twenty minutes later, when the cabin crew can get around to responding to your request. Now this isn’t a complaint about cabin crew, but the logistics of serving a hundred and fifty people versus serving about twenty (or in our case, six) are very different.

A nice thing about V Australia is that not only do they serve you drinks whenever you want, but they actually have a well-stocked bar from which you can serve yourself! Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the bar, because I had left my iPhone plugged in to the USB port in my seat console (!!!) when I went to the bar. The bar had four stools on which to perch, which is a great idea, giving you the option and a space to get away from your seat for a while. Despite the seats being very comfortable, and even having lumbar massage built-in (see all the controls below), sitting for 8 hours isn’t the best thing for anybody. We also got a neat little amenities pack, complete with Bvlgari products and a cool wrap-around eyemask.

Also, you can choose when you eat, instead of waiting for a cart to come along. And it’s real food. On real crockery. I started with a shrimp cocktail (a couple of massive prawns), accompanied by a warm multi-grain roll, and butter not in a foiled container! Also, note the extremely cute Sydney Opera House salt and pepper shakers. Mr N started with the tomato and basil soup, but I forgot to take a photo of that, so here’s an empty bowl:

This was followed by a choice of grilled barramundi or braised beef – I don’t remember the cut – too many gin and tonics? – which was wonderfully tender and quite tasty.

A cute little feature onboard the V Australia planes is the lighting, which passes from white through yellow, orange and purple until the main lightin is extingushed and only little twinkly LEDs remain, providing a constellation along the ceiling.

We arrived in Phuket feeling more like we’d been on a two hour flight than an eight hour one. For those who can afford it (or who are lucky enough to have connections) I’d definitely recommend V Australia business class for a long haul flight!