Moortangi Estate

Disclosure: I got to go to this free wine tasting, and they also gave me a bottle of Cambrian Shiraz as a present.

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a wine tasting put on by the owners of Moortangi Estate. They’re a small family winery which has vineyards in the Yarra Valley. Unfortunately, the Black Saturday fires wiped out most of their vines, but luckily the vines were of old enough stock that the root system remained intact, and new vines are currently on the comeback. In the mean time, Moortangi have sourced grapes from the Heathcote area, and with them, have produced two wines – a 2005 Cambrian Shiraz, and a 2005 Old Vine Shiraz.

Now I’m not a true wine afficionado, but I do know a little about the subject. I mean after all, designing and doing the data entry for over two hundred wines in Fosters’ wine portfolio teaches you a thing or two by osmosis.

The Cambrian Shiraz is not your typical Heathcote Shiraz. Which is just as well, because I’m not a fan of Heathcote Shiraz. At least not when you compare it to a McLaren Vale or a Barossa. This Cambrian drinks a little more like a McLaren Vale in my book – it’s extremely fruit-driven (read a bit sweet) with strong cherry and plum flavours. There’s also an interesting mix of pepper and coconut in the aroma, and the tannins are very mild. My sort of Shiraz.

The Old Vine Shiraz, by comparison, is a more robust and heavy wine, with more tannins – that funny dry sensation you get on the tongue – and a lot less fruit. Some people call this complexity, I just call it dry. I’m not a fan, though sometimes it’s a good thing; when you’re eating rather rich foods.

The rich foods we ate with the Old Vine were four awesome cheeses: a Roy de Vallees (my favourite), Reggiano, Cheddar, and Roquefort. All strong cheeses, which was a good match to the Old Vine Shiraz.

It was great to see and meet some other foodbloggers that night, even if I had to run off for pizza – see my post tomorrow! – others who have blogged this event:

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You can find Moortangi Estate wines at various restaurants around town. I forget most of the list – I don’t spit at wine tastings, I swallow – but Cutler & Co. was among them. They’re looking into retailers, so you may be able to get them at a bottle shop soon, too.