Naked for Satan

285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Phone: 9416 2238

I toyed with the idea of not publishing this post because Naked for Satan has already had enough press in recent months, but I figured I really had to put my $2 in on the pintxos – “PINTXOOOOOOS!” – bar which introduced me to my latest love. He goes by the name of Pedro Ximinez. And he’s sweet as all get out. Unfortunately, he’s not all that much to look at, but looks aren’t everything, right?

Naked for Satan serves up pintxos for $2 a piece. It’s like a tapas buffet plus carbs – pintxos are like a little bite of a dish served on a baguette slice – which is a great idea for a bar, but its not really somewhere I’d go for dinner. The little toothpicks which are monitored – by both cameras and security staff, it seems – are how they track how much you ate, kind of like the plates at a sushi train. They add up pretty quickly, so if you’re on a budget, you might want to keep an eye on it.

I think the pintxos selection changes pretty regularly, so I won’t go too much into particular items – but if it’s on offer, try the chilli mussels, and the one with the slab of goat’s cheese.

My only gripe with the way Naked for Satan works is that there’s the cold pintxos on display, but every so often, some warm/hot pintxos are brought out – canape style – which is fine, unless you miss out on them because you’ve gone to the toilet, or they just circulate in the wrong direction based on where you’re seated.

Anyway, I grazed on pintxos while I was sipping on my sangria, which I was a little apprehensive about when the barman prepared it on the spot, but was actually really good!

As I mentioned before, on the recommendation of one of the barstaff, I tried the Pedro Ximinez sherry. She described it as “liquid Christmas”, so who was I to object? It has since become my drink of choice to finish with – seriously, you don’t even need dessert!

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