Etro cafe

49 King St, Perth CBD
Phone: (08) 9481 1148

We’re back in Perth again. OK, so this was from the same trip as the one when I went to tiger,tiger. Only 24 hours later, and significantly more hungover.

Mr N and I met up with my friend Ms C, who’s a local Perth girl. We stopped in at Etro on King St, mostly because it was close to our hotel. King St in Perth is a funny place, with high end boutiques and smart cafes. Yet it all feels so pristinely clean, not unlike a movie set at Movieworld. In fact, a lot of the Perth CBD feels like that.

What shocks me, but really shouldn’t, given the warnings I’d received, and the fact the town has bloated on mining riches, is that food is generally more expensive in Perth than in Melbourne. Noticeably so. Which would be fine, if service was better. Which at Etro, it’s not. I made the comment at one stage that it’s almost justifiable that service is crappy in Perth on a Sunday, because the waitresses are the only people who have to work Sundays.

In any case, I ordered the big breakfast.

The eggs were good, but pretty much everything else on this plate was mediocre. The bacon was particularly unappetising – which is strange, given my hangover – being not quite crispy, but sort of dry.

Mr N had the omelette Marchande, which came without any bread, but was hefty enough not to warrant any. He said it was quite good, and struggled a little to finish it all.

Having already been to work that morning, Ms C was in more of a lunch mood, and ordered the calamari salad. Which seemed rather stingy with the calamari, if you ask me.

I wouldn’t really go back to Etro, apart from the fact that so many places in Perth are closed on Sundays. Still, there would have to be better options.

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