2012 – my top 10

I know I’ve been pretty slack with the blogging this year, but as it’s the last day, I figure I should make an effort and do that thing that we all love to do at the end of the year: reminisce. So here’s my top 10 food things/events/places for 2012, in no particular order.

1. Ji Ji Wonton Noodles – we discovered these on our holiday, and I’ve been trying to recreate them ever since. I think I’m getting close.

2. The black sticky rice pudding at Thien An – a hidden Footscray gem, and worthy of a visit after dinner elsewhere.

3. Poonami – a trip down the street turned into a trip down memory lane, into my past life in an Australian Chinese restaurant.

4. Making pat̩ from scratch Рso easy, and so amazing. Impress your friends with this recipe from Bon Appetit.

5. Messina gelato – so this isn’t really that new to Sydneysiders, but I discovered it for the first time in 2012, and it’s probably one of my favourite things in Sydney. Go the figs poached in marsala and cherry flavours.

6. Obnoxious Thursdays. You know who you ams, ladies.

7. Experimenting with curing meat. This year, I made bresaola, pork prosciutto, and duck prosciutto.

8. A second tour of duty. I returned to Viet Nam after three years; revisiting old haunts and discovering new places. The fresh calamari rice paper rolls on Phu Quoc island was a revelation.

9. Xi hong shi chao ji dan – I’m a shame upon my ancestors, because it’s taken me 32 years to discover this Chinese ‘delicacy’. Big thanks to @carryon_JW to introducing it to me.

10. Coffee (in general) – this year, I started drinking coffee again, after about 7 years of being a non-coffee drinker. I’d like to thank all the tattooed baristas of Melbourne for helping me rediscover my love affair with caffeine.

Here’s wishing you all a happy, tasty and safe 2013!