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I don’t think I could ever really by a vegetarian. I tried it once. Well, sort of. I think it was sort of a mutual dare between my boyfriend at the time and I. We decided that we’d be vegaquarians/pescetarians/whatever you call it. Vegies + fish. For environmental reasons, primarily. I lasted about two months before I added chicken to my diet. My sister commented, “What, fish isn’t enough for you?” Quite obviously not. Then I moved to Viet Nam, and it was all over. As if I’d restrict my diet there!

Anyway, I have something of an admiration/disdain relationship with vegetarians. I respect them for their ability to stick to an ethical life choice, though I know it’s not always ethics which drives vegetarianism, but I resent the need to be mindful of where I can take them when eating out together. Which is why I like vegetarians who know and are willing to suggest places to eat. I don’t mind skipping meat in some meals, I just don’t like the idea muddying up my decision making process. So if I don’t have to make a decision, I don’t have a problem!

Mr A is one of those great vegetarians, who doesn’t try to convert you, knows lots about good food, and isn’t shy to suggest a place to eat. So when we had a lunchtime meeting recently, he suggested we have it at Soulfood. There was the promise of wifi, which didn’t eventuate, but it was a good place for lunch nonetheless.

I had the arancini, which was a sizeable hunk of rice, peppered with bits of olive, pumpkin and feta. The chilli napoli was nicely acidic, but could have used a bit more heat. I had this with the Caesar salad, which quite frankly was a bit bland without bacon and anchovies. But all in all, not a bad lunch!

Mr A had the pumpkinopita, a play on the traditional spanakopita. It looked tasty, as did the roast vegetable salad he had on the side.

It’s not really surprising that the food at Soulfood is good. It’s been there for as long as I can remember, and has always had a reputation for tasty, interesting vegetarian dishes. It’s a shame that I’m so addicted to meat, because sometimes I think it might be a good thing to try vegetarianism again… Oh OK, who am I kidding!? Bring on the animal flesh.

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  1. I miss soulfood. It was a good introduction of vegetarian food whilst I was living in Collingwood. I managed to survive my 6 months vegetarian stint with a few visits to Soul food.

  2. Yeah there are those of us who are vegetarians purely from an ethics point of view (only since January this year) and I'm not one to ever try and convert others. But I'm also one of those that doesn't know a lot of good places to go eat so it's nice that you're willing to forgo meat and share your thoughts with us.

    While I've known about Soul Food for a while being a westie (a little further out than yourself) I'm still yet to have a go at it. Not for lack of trying. I've gone to go there twice on the weekends and find they are so packed it looked like there was no chance of a seat and have abandoned the mission.

    I will make it back there one day soon. I just wish we had more vegetarian choices out my way too.

    Having said that, it's rare to find a restaurant that doesn't have a vegetarian option. You do have to love pumpkin risotto though as more often than not that's what you end up with.

  3. I think that I just want to say pumpkinopita a lot right now. Pumpkinopita.

    Actually, that's going to be my firstborn's name, I think. (Probably just as well I'm single, then.) 😉

  4. Hannah- That would be a great name for your child (I really do mean it!)

    The Asian mint salad with black rice is the best thing there. I usually go and just have that. I think the quality of food has dropped in the last 2yrs or maybe my taste have changed

  5. there's not many vegetarian places near my area. This place looks great, you can't go wrong in collingwood, the cafes and restaurants are nice down there

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