571 Chapel St, South Yarra
Phone: 9826 9516

It was a cold autumn’s night. A Tuesday night, which might explain why we were turned away at 11pm at the Italian Waiter’s Club; though I thought the point of that place was because it’s always open late. I guess not. With a hankering for pasta, the thought struck Mr N: Chapelli’s! The “we never close” sign remains conveniently etched somewhere in the recesses of my mind, so I was sure Mr N was onto a sure bet.

When we arrived, the place was still rather lively. So much so that we asked for a table up the back, away from the bustling crowds. This was something of a mistake, because it took a while for the waiters to remember we were there, and come take our order.

I ordered the spaghetti all’arrabiata, which interestingly came smothered with cheese. Not that it was a bad thing, but I’m fairly sure it’s not a traditional touch? It also didn’t stop me adding parmesan and chilli flakes. The all’arrabiata had a decent kick (after I added chilli) and was quite satisfying. Were it not closing in on midnight, and were I not keenly aware I was consuming large portions of carbs, I probably would’ve finished it off. As it was, I wasn’t up to the ask that night.

Mr N ordered the penne off the specials board. I believe there was spinach and chorizo involved? It, too, left him happily satisfied, and he also couldn’t finish it all.

Now I don’t think Chapelli’s is great, nor is it awfully bad. But I think during regular restaurant business hours, you could definitely find better places to go. Late at night, however, when you’re in that rare mood where Chinese, Malaysian, souvlakis or burgers just aren’t going to satisfy you, it’s something of an Italian godsend.

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  1. Chapelli's bring back so much uni days memories…. I can't remember the last time I was there. Salt days!!! OMG….

  2. Salt days!?

    I went back there again last night, just for a sneaky late Sunday night drink. I became the mayor there on foursquare briefly! But I think I was quickly usurped by Mr N.

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