Zen Japanese Restaurant

Siam Discovery Centre, Bangkok

On our last day in Bangkok, we just had enough time to hit the Siam malls. A big night out the night before meant we were both a little seedy, and as a result, the idea of shopping-centre chain restuarants was rather palatable. I’m being a little unfair here, because a) restaurants in shopping centres in Bangkok are generally not bad, and b) Japanese chain restaurants in Bangkok are also generally not bad. So anyway, we stopped in at Zen (because I couldn’t locate the Fuji chain restaurant in the chopping centre).

The funny thing about Zen was the staffing. There seemed to be a strange hierarchy of waitresses – the more senior waitresses dressed in kimonos ordering about the junior waitresses/bus girls who wore Zen polos and skirts. They all had a rather bored air of indifference, which was a tad annoying, but not too unexpected really, for teenage/college-aged girls to be working on a Sunday afternoon; there were no male waitstaff at all, funnily.

Anyway, we ordered the gyoza which were quite good, though the filling was a little bland. They also seemed to have been deep-fried, which was a good thing in this instance (fulfilling the requisite hang-over fried food quotient), but generally gyoza are better when they have been pan-fried.

I also ordered the sushi moriawase set, which seemed exceedingly fresh, and I had trouble finishing. It also came with some kim chi, a strange slaw, and miso. The miso was the best of the accompaniments. Oh, and the wasabi was fresh. Love fresh wasabi!

Mr N had some sort of donburi (pork with double-carb surprise of both noodle and rice!) that similarly came with the funny slaw. It wasn’t amazing, but it was passable for a seedy Sunday afternoon.

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  1. lol, I couldnt imagine a women wearing a kimono could be so regimental, I always think of them being submissive and all round cute. That would have entertained me for hours!

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