Family cha gio feast

From time to time, I go over to my grandma’s place, where my mother and my aunts will have cooked up some Vietnamese or Chinese feast, which usually involves copious amounts of one or two dishes. This time it was cha gio (Vietnamese spring rolls) and grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf. Both are eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves, along with some cucumber, rice vermicelli and various herbs. There were two dipping sauces, the nuoc mam cham (fish sauce prepared with lemon juice and sugar), or a more pungent, fermented fish sauce which my family just referred to as mam.

2 Replies to “Family cha gio feast”

  1. Oh, SO jealous. MY extended family do naff offerings like French onion dip in a hollowed-out cobb loaf… or there's the cream cheese brick with sweet chilli sauce poured over, surrounded by Savoys. Noice.

  2. Oooh, I like Savoys. Don't tell me you're a Jatz girl? Although truth be told, Ritz wins out over the other two any day. They're just crispier!

    I'm thinking some blind testing needs to be done. With or without the cream cheese.

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