Karaage Raamen at Toki Japanese Restaurant

88 Grattan St Carlton
Phone: (03) 9347 9748

I’m grudgingly coming to the conclusion that you can’t get good ramen in Melbourne.

My main gripe with the ramen at Toki is that it doesn’t even make any pretense of freshness. Pre-cooked vegetables some what let the team down, even with nicely fried chicken pieces. But then again, the soup was overly salty, and the ramen, while obviously not from an instant packet, lacked the springiness and ‘toothsome’ quality which separates good ramen from the noodle rabble.

All this said, the Chef’s special platter that the couple on the next table were eating looked amazing!

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One Reply to “Karaage Raamen at Toki Japanese Restaurant”

  1. As I said on EDS, I'd recommend Momotaro Rahmen in Richmond, Bridge Rd. I've heard it's not Japanese to a T, but it's fresh and the not just the gaijin love it! The chef makes his own noodles, natch.

    Toki is utter shite, went there once a few years ago and it was well overpriced.

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