Cookbook Challenge – Week 8: Sweet

I’ve jumped on the Cookbook Challenge bandwagon, in an effort to diversify my cooking repertoire, but also partly to force myself to actually use the various cookbooks I have in my collection. I’m usually one who goes to cookbooks for inspiration, as opposed to following recipes. Unfortunately, old habits die hard – this week’s effort was in part improvisation, due in part to a lack of foresight, and in part to the fact I was cooking in someone else’s kitchen!

The theme this week was ‘Sweet’ – which pretty much says ‘Dessert’ to me – so I thought I’d go with an old favourite; Bread and Butter Pudding. I went with Jamie Oliver’s recipe.

Though I did make a few adaptations: I used Burgen Oatbran and Honey bread, I omitted the nutmeg and cinnamon (as they weren’t available to me), I used home-made apricot jam (from @tammois) instead of marmalade to glaze the pudding, and I fudged the quantities a bit to make a 2/3-ish sized one. I was supposed to look like this:

It turned out like this:

Not to shabby, I think! Hearty approvals all around from the tasters, and I discovered a new favourite vanilla ice cream in the process – try the Weis Vanilla Bean. It’s even got the black specks of vanilla in it! Nom.

6 Replies to “Cookbook Challenge – Week 8: Sweet”

  1. Welcome to the Cookbook Challenge! Hope it encourages you to use your cookbooks more!

    Great first recipe – it looks just like the photo! I have that book too, but have yet to get around to using it. Oh well, there are still 44 weeks to go! 🙂

  2. Bread and butter pudding with ice cream? Yum!

    What was it like using the honey and oatbran bread? Did the original recipe call for white bread? If it did, I think that's why I've never made bread and butter pudding – I never buy white bread!

  3. Didn't even know there was a cookbook challenge as such, but one of my new year resolutions was to cook a meal a week, every week this year. So far I'm sticking to it!

    Bread and butter pudding is an old fave 🙂

  4. Conor & Agnes – yep, the bread made a big difference! So much more texture. Though to be honest, the only other time I've ever made B&B pudding, I used brioche, so I'm not sure what the regular one tastes like…

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