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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Melbourne is experiencing a bit of a ramen boom at the moment. After enduring years, nay decades of extremely ordinary ramen, suddenly serious options are popping up, including Little Ramen Bar, Fukuryu, Hakata Gensuke and Mensousai Mugen. Continue reading

30. March 2015 by cloudcontrol
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Kokoro ramen

157 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD Phone: 9650 1215 I was pretty excited when I heard that there was a new ramen joint opening in the city. I was even more excited when I learned that they were serving tonkotsu broth. … Continue reading

13. July 2012 by cloudcontrol
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Sekai Japanese Ramen

Shop 194, 81 Hopkins St (Footscray Market ), FootscrayPhone: 9687 1088 A while ago, I dislocated my big toe playing soccer. Yeah, I know, gross; not the way to start off a post about ramen. But you should know that … Continue reading

02. December 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Ramen at Ume Hana

398 Elizabeth St, MelbournePhone: 9663 1108 It’s been a while ramen fans, but the hunt is on again!  This time I headed to Ume Hana, because I had to swap over my Sennheiser iPhone headphones for the FOURTH time in … Continue reading

30. September 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Eating World Food Court, Shop 209, 25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket SydneyOpen Tuesday to Sunday 10am-8:30pmClosed on Mondays On my recent trip to Sydney, there were two goals I had – the first was to visit the Bourke St Bakery (post … Continue reading

19. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Tonkotsu ramen at Kenzan GPO

GPO Building, Rear 350 Bourke St, Melbourne CBDPhone: 9663 7767 I’m not often one to take suggestions from a cat, though I probably should, if Murakami is to be believed, but I was happy to be pointed in the direction … Continue reading

08. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Little Bourke Ramen Hunt – Ume Sushi House & Sushi Deli

It’s been a while between ramen hunts. And while hunting in a pack is undoubtedly fun, this ramen hunter usually operates as more of a lone wolf. The problem is, sometimes a lone ramen hunter happens upon a herd of … Continue reading

01. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Photopost: more Ramen Ya goodness

09. June 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Meiji Japanese Cafe

105 Little Bourke StreetPhone: 9662 2899 The ramen hunt continues. I’ll keep updating the table with results as new ones come in. I stopped in here on my own to keep the dream alive.The place was pretty quiet, as it … Continue reading

06. May 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Ramen hunt

On Easter Monday 2010, a group of intrepid ramen hunters (myself included) set out to find the best ramen in the Melbourne CBD. While our search was probably not exhaustive, it was pretty exhausting. A total of nineteen bowls of … Continue reading

02. May 2010 by cloudcontrol
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