Chicken and Corn Pie with Salad from Avist Cafe

89 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

Avist is one of the few quality places near my work. They make these awesome homemade pies (well, parcels, really) – the pastry is nicely short, and wonderfully flaky, and the filling is moist, tasty and you can see exactly what’s in it. Big shreds of chicken. Yummo! The salads rotate, but there’s usually an experimental one. This one was pumpkin, potato and carrot, with some rocket etc. Pretty standard, except they (for some reason) had kiwifruit in it. A little oddly sweet, but still very enjoyable.

Pho dac biet at Pho Dzung

234 Russell St, CBD

So I have this theory that regardless of what size you order, you get the same amount of pho, in a different sized bowl. This medium bowl is kinda overflowing with greatness.

Com tam suon bi trung at Pho Dzung

234 Russell St, CBD

It’s hard to go wrong with com tam (broken rice) and Pho Dzung certainly gets just about everything right. The pork chop was juicy and succulent, the bi (shredded pork/skin) was uber-fresh, and there was a goodly amount of pickled vegies on the plate. The egg was a touch over-cooked, but I do love a runny yolk, and l now I’m just being finicky. For $8.50, it’s almost the perfect lunch!

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