Kenzan @ GPO

GPO Building, Rear 350 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD
Phone: 9663 7767

It was a cold and rainy Melbourne night in April. Not exactly the perfect environs to showcase the best of Melbourne to Ms J from Adelaide, but hey, she chose to visit that weekend! Making the most of the gloomy mise en scene, we trudged down to the GPO to check out the atmospheric little eateries which run along the side. Now regular readers will know of my ardent admiration of Ramen Ya, but on this occasion, we opted for Kenzan, as Ms L who was dining with us is a vegetarian, and one of the few flaws amen Ya has is that they don’t seem to have much on offer for vegetarians.

I was hoping to add to the ever-growing list of ramen offerings in Melbourne which I’m hunting down to review, but I was sadly informed that the ramen wasn’t on offer that night. Except the cold ramen, which didn’t sound too appetising in that weather. So I ordered the unajyu. Hard to go wrong with eel. Kenzan’s version is pretty minimal, though; just rice, eel and some shaved nori. Still, it works, though it’s a tad on the expensive side for what you get.

Ms J had some sort of gyu special – beef wrapped around spinach with a teriyaki sauce and something of a chunky vegetable salad. It was quite impressive to look at, and she enjoyed it immensely.

Ms L opted for the vegetable udon, which she also quite liked. Look at her shake that shichimi togarashi! Go Speed Racer, go!

I will be back to Kenzan@GPO, but mostly just to try their ramen – there’s reportedly a Tonkotsu Winter special! There are more reasonably priced Japanese restaurants in the city, with food that is just as good.

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