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106 Smith St, Collingwood Phone: 9417 6328 Yeah, you’ve all heard about it. Well, you should have. Blah blah burger blah blah brioche blah blah wagyu. This is the Denise (the hot one). Just go eat it.

15. February 2012 by cloudcontrol
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273 Smith Street, CollingwoodPhone: 9419 2949 I don’t think I could ever really by a vegetarian. I tried it once. Well, sort of. I think it was sort of a mutual dare between my boyfriend at the time and I. … Continue reading

28. October 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Las Vegan (Nirvana) Cafe

22 Smith St, CollingwoodPhone: 9415 9001 I wonder sometimes about becoming a vegetarian. Even just for a short while. I went ‘vegequarian’ for a few months back in 2007, but I soon backslid and added chicken to my diet, and … Continue reading

17. August 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Baden Powell Hotel

65 Victoria Pde, CollingwoodPhone: (03) 9486 0811http://www.badenpowellhotel.com/ For the past year, it’s been a bone of contention as to whether the Prince Patrick Hotel or the Baden Powell Hotel should be called my local. Well, there’s also the Peel, but … Continue reading

29. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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70 Smith St, CollingwoodPhone: 9486 9933 Years ago, before it went up in flames and then closed down, I used to go indoor climbing at the Mill on Oxford St in Collingwood. After an hour or two of clinging on … Continue reading

06. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Proud Mary

172 Oxford St, CollingwoodPhone: 9417 5930 When you move into a place, it’s a good idea to scope out what the local breakfast places are. Which place does the best eggs Benedict, and who has the best coffee? Two questions … Continue reading

24. June 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Prince Patrick Hotel

135 Victoria Pde, CollingwoodPhone: 9416 1455 www.princepatrickhotel.com The Prince Patrick Hotel is one of about four pubs you could probably call my local. Funny thing s it took me about a year to get around to eating here.Having done so … Continue reading

23. June 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Old Kingdom

197 Smith St FitzroyPhone: 9417 2438 It had been too long since I had last Peking Duck. Old Kingdom is a Melbourne institution, where Peking Duck virgins should go for the at-table theatre as much as for the duck itself. … Continue reading

07. February 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Onigiri at Wood Spoon Kitchen

Onigiri would be high up on the list of my favourite snack foods, if I lived in Japan, or anywhere they were readily available. So when I found out there is a restaurant in my neighbourhood which specialises in onigiri, … Continue reading

08. November 2009 by cloudcontrol
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