Yigit Pura’s Chocolate Soufflé

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, you might not know that I’m an avid viewer of Top Chef. Top Chef is the show that Masterchef should have been. It’s actual chefs, competing Next Top Model style, cooking through a series of themed challenges and being eliminated one by one until one is left standing – the Top Chef.

Recently, the show had a spin off – Top Chef Just Desserts [NB: spoiler in link]. Same format, only with pastry chefs and bakers. So of course I was going to watch – desserts! And pastry chefs! Hot. Gay. Pastry chefs. Well, one.

In any case, @jillianjtl and I spent the best part of three months swooning and mooning over Yigit, so when it came time to pop our respective soufflé cherries – as we were both soufflé virgins until recently – we knew we wanted to be in Yigit’s hands.

Now the recipe was a bit more involved than just the souffle, but the ice cream was a little beyond our reach at the time, so we just thought we’d tackle the souffle first.

As you can see, the little soufflés rose beautifully!We paired it with store-bought vanilla ice cream and passionfruit. I really liked how dark and bitter the chocolate was in the soufflé – it was interestingly rich and light at the same time. And paired beautifully with the sweetness of the ice cream and the tartness of the passionfruit.

om nom nom nom nom!