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Little Downtown Sichuan Cuisine

Tucked away in the student accommodation bloc opposite the tram terminus on Swanston St, the are definitely worse places for lunch! Pro tip: take a friend and order one of the dishes that comes out to the table IN A … Continue reading

19. July 2012 by cloudcontrol
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Dumpling Den

88 Grattan St, Carlton Phone: 9347 7702 I believe that food comprises a large part of my memory. I remember my father introducing me to sardines in tomato sauce on toast for breakfast, and crunching on Sunnyboys at the local … Continue reading

20. September 2011 by cloudcontrol
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Toki Japanese Restaurant

88 Grattan St, CarltonPhone: 9347 9748 So this place has the dubious distinction of being the first restaurant I have double-reviewed. The first time I went there, I had the ramen, which was something of a disappointment. So this time … Continue reading

02. November 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Papa Gino’s

221 Lygon St, CarltonPhone: 9347 5758 There’s a time and a place for everything in life, so they saying goes. I’m not sure who said it, but they’re a very forgiving soul. Because conversely, life’s too short to [insert something … Continue reading

17. September 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Hotel Lincoln

91 Cardigan St, CarltonPhone: 9347 4666 You can thank/blame the duck enabler for this one. I had heard through the twitters that Hotel Lincoln had a duck pie on the menu, so on a Friday night, after a couple of … Continue reading

16. August 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Seven Seeds

106 Berkeley St, CarltonPhone: 9347 8664www.sevenseeds.com.au I’m not really much of a coffee drinker. I’m that loser who gets sneered at by coffee nazis for having two sugars and soy milk in his latte. Yeah, I know, I may as … Continue reading

08. June 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Photo-post: more Nasi Lemak House goodness

Repeat visits of late to Nasi Lemak House have yielded more photos of the different nasi lemaks (and other dishes) there… see my original post for restaurant details. The original Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak Kelantan (sweeter sambal) Wat Dan Crispy … Continue reading

28. May 2010 by cloudcontrol
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295 Drummond St, CarltonPhone: 9347 2998 When my friend Ms J comes to visit from Sydney, it’s often hard to find a place to go for dinner. Ms J was originally from Melbourne, so she knows all the old favourites, … Continue reading

25. May 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Pugg Mahones

175 Elgin St, CarltonPhone: 9347 0202 Let’s be frank: Pugg Mahones isn’t the sort of pub I’d choose to hang out in with my friends. But then I’m just not that sort of guy, I guess. Still, I have been … Continue reading

19. May 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Nasi Lemak House

115 grattan St, CarltonPhone: none! A Carlton institution for the last six years, Nasi Lemak House never fails to satisfy me (and countless others who live, work or study in the vicinity of Melbourne University). Although it is open at … Continue reading

09. April 2010 by cloudcontrol
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