Butcher’s Grill

141 Bourke St, CBD
Phone: 9639 1222
For my birthday this year, I had a rather large cocktail party. Knowing full well that I was very likely to get rather drunk, I thought it prudent to eat a substantial meal beforehand. I had been curious about Butcher’s Grill for some time, as it’s opposite my gym, and has an eye-catchingly bright red window treatment. So we stopped in for a quick dinner before heading off for cocktails.

I chose the lamb cutlets served with garlic mash and red wine glaze, which were deliciously rare (I requested them that way, because that’s usually how I like all my red meat) though a touch on the salty side. The mash was very garlicky, but in a good way, and luckily I had mints on hand for later!

My sister decided to have two entrees instead of one main course, and I have to say, she’s one wise monkey. This was the seared pepper crusted kangaroo with mustard fruits & cabbage salad.

She also had the seared scallops, potato puree and sticky pork. We did a little swapping, so I got one of the scallops, and it was cooked to perfection! Texturally, the springiness (note: not chewiness) of the scallop flesh married beautifully with the potato puree, and the sweet, salty goodness of the small piece of pork was a great accent to the fresh scallop flavour. This dish is a total winner.

The other lads had the M.S.A porterhouse steak, which was a hulking great slab of cow flesh. Both gents were most satisfied, and both gents have a great appreciation of steak in general.

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