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Photopost: Robocog cafe

249 Riley St, Surry Hills (Sydney) Phone: (02) 9281 2880 Caveat: this visit was in January 2012!

19. June 2012 by cloudcontrol
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A Thousand Blessings

251 Highett St, Richmond Phone: apparently they don’t have one? I don’t remember much about this place, apart from the fact there was absolutely no chilli in my omelette, despite it being a listed ingredient in the menu. Hence this … Continue reading

25. January 2012 by cloudcontrol
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Macau Cheong Fun Joint

Big props go to Petite Crystal of My Little World for posting about this place. Not really knowing where to go for food in Macau, I googled ‘macau breakfast’ and came up with a great entry on her blog. So … Continue reading

17. February 2011 by cloudcontrol
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Le Chien

5 Gamon St, SeddonPhone: 9362 7333 There’s a dearth of cafes which serve a Western breakfast in Footscray. While that’s not really an issue for me – I’ll take a bowl of congee or pho, or a banh mi or … Continue reading

08. December 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Etro cafe

49 King St, Perth CBDPhone: (08) 9481 1148 We’re back in Perth again. OK, so this was from the same trip as the one when I went to tiger,tiger. Only 24 hours later, and significantly more hungover. Mr N and … Continue reading

09. August 2010 by cloudcontrol
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tiger, tiger

329 Murray St, Perth CBDPhone: (08) 9322 8055http://tigertigercoffeebar.com/ Recently I went over to Perth with Mr N for the weekend. Due to work constraints, Mr N got in a couple of hours later than me, so as I’ve never been … Continue reading

30. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Fifi Foveaux’s

428 Crown St, Surry HillsPhone: (02) 9380 6881 My cousin took me to this cute little cafe in Sydney last month. As we chatted away, realising that we had last caught up properly about 18 months ago, in Viet Nam, … Continue reading

17. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Le Traiteur

552 Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBDPhone: 9670 0039http://www.letraiteur.com.au/ I like to think I’m a morning person. Years of a nine to five job have made me almost unable to sleep in on weekends, and the skylight in my bedroom currently doesn’t … Continue reading

12. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Aix Cafe Creperie Salon

24 Centre Place, Melbourne CBDPhone: 9662 2667 For the longest time, I didn’t know that Centre Place was called Centre Place. Despite the signage. In my head, it was Lunchtime Lane, and I liked that name. Of course, ignorance is … Continue reading

05. July 2010 by cloudcontrol
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Proud Mary

172 Oxford St, CollingwoodPhone: 9417 5930 When you move into a place, it’s a good idea to scope out what the local breakfast places are. Which place does the best eggs Benedict, and who has the best coffee? Two questions … Continue reading

24. June 2010 by cloudcontrol
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