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Cake Bake and Sweets Show 2014

Disclaimer: I’m getting a media pass to visit this show. I’m fairly sure it’s because they saw my burger cake. So I never used to be a baker. I always considered myself more of a cook. I was, and am, … Continue reading

15. March 2014 by cloudcontrol
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Baking the cover

I changed jobs about three months ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with my working conditions. I’ve got a stupidly large desk in front of a window adjacent to a tree where various native birds have turf … Continue reading

28. November 2011 by cloudcontrol
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Peach and Honey Tart: Cookbook Challenge (Stone Fruit)

So I’m trying my hand at this cookbook challenge again. I think I managed to cook one item last year. Maybe I’ll do two this year? Anyway, the idea behind the challenge is to actually use those cookbooks which we buy, … Continue reading

03. February 2011 by cloudcontrol
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Sponsored by Nuffnang. You know, I’ve never really been an avid follower of recipe magazines. There’s something about working within the constraints of someone else’s taste that seems less fun than experimenting and coming up with your own creations. So … Continue reading

03. November 2010 by cloudcontrol
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