Tuck’s Ridge

37 Shoreham Road, Red Hill South
Phone: (03) 5989 8660

After neglecting to book a table at the Red Hill Brewery for lunch on a public holiday (planning FAIL) and subsequently being turned away, we headed down the road to Tuck’s Ridge. We first did a little wine tasting at the cellar door, where I discovered that I don’t dislike ALL chardonnays. The inoffensive chardonnay in question was their unwooded one, in case you’re wondering. We then walked around the corner to the restaurant, where we sat down to this picturesque view in the milky autumnal sun:

Having stopped off for snacks on the way down to the Mornington Peninsula, we decided to have something light for lunch, and opted to share the grazer’s platter.

From back/left to front/right: fresh figs and jamon, marinated olives, candied fennel, sashimi rose on a scallop shell, chorizo, some sort of vaguely sweet tortellini, smoked chicken, fennel and rocket salad. The standouts were the little bits of candied fennel, and the smoked chicken salad. The ingredients were all pretty fresh, but there wasn’t anything particularly ‘wow’ about them. Fortunately, the pinot gris with which I washed it down was lovely.

The sashimi rose was very pretty, but the fish itself was a little disappointing. Perhaps it just needed some soy and wasabi, or just any sauce, really!

I’m not normally a coffee drinker (which is why there are many cafes which I haven’t reviewed, which I probably should…) but I had a soy latte here. To my untrained palate, it tasted pretty good. Mr N had coffees both here and at Morning Sun Winery. The coffee at Tuck’s Ridge was better, in his estimation.

Grazer’s Plate (for two) at Tusk Cafe

133 Chapel St, Windsor
Phone: 9529 1198

OK, so I was really quite drunk at the time, so I ordered a starter for two as a main for one… but just about everything on this plate was awesome! Highlights: smoked sweet potato dip, saganaki, grilled eggplants, chorizo.

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