A Thousand Blessings

251 Highett St, Richmond
Phone: apparently they don’t have one?

I don’t remember much about this place, apart from the fact there was absolutely no chilli in my omelette, despite it being a listed ingredient in the menu. Hence this is basically a post where the photos do the talking. I remember the place was busy – it was a Sunday afternoon – and the fitout is a little kitschy-cute. Firemen from the nearby station frequent the place, if that sways you at all. I’m looking at you, Bryan.

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25. January 2012 by cloudcontrol
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  1. Lol, okay, you’ve convinced me to add it to my wishlist!

  2. Looks really delicious! I want to check this out too…I want to try it this weekend..

    • I am in too. I will check it out soon and see if it is true what they say.

  3. The meals look yummy.