Gurney Drive (forgotten food)

284 Victoria St, Melbourne CBD (it’s across from the Vic Markets)
Phone: 9329 6649

I don’t mean this post as a slight to the good people at Gurney Drive. I really enjoyed my meal there, it just happened to have been months ago, and I don’t remember the specifics. While having a conversation last night on twitter, a few foodbloggers and I were opining about the ‘burden’ of having an ever-increasing backlog of places to post about. And foodblogging shouldn’t be about that. We’re not being paid to write about food; we do it because we love it, and want to share our experiences.

But what happens when you consume more than you produce? I know, in another context, this is a much more potent question – about the ethics of consumption and production and poverty and sustainability. I’m not so knowledgeable about all of that, so if you’re interested in the more important questions, I suggest you take a look at Tammi and Essjay‘s blogs.

The result of last night’s twonversation is that a few of us will be looking to start up an amnesty site, where we can at least post the images of the food about which we no longer remember all of the specifics, or our impressions. A photoblog, basically, not unlike I know a large proportion of you are also foodbloggers, so let me know if you’d be interested in contributing to such a site, and any ideas you may have about how we should implement this.

Anyway, on to the (not-so-forgotten) food!

This was ju hu eng chai (cuttlefish and water spinach). It was a little on the sweet side, from memory.

Penang char kway teow. They used the right noodle! I don’t really remember if this was good, so it must have been at least passable?

Fish head curry. This was wonderful – and huge – but it was pretty mild. I would have preferred more heat!


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3 Replies to “Gurney Drive (forgotten food)”

  1. You’re so right about how food blogging shouldn’t feel like a “burden”. I remember stressing a bit last month about lining up enough posts so that I didnt have to blog while I’m in Singapore.

    I’m now taking the approach where I’ll blog only if I want to. That might mean a one post a week, or a fortnight…? :O

    But as you already know, I really like the idea of having a collective museum of forgotten food pics. Maybe we can do it like tastespotting website style, with whimsical submission guidelines. :p

    1. Exactly one of the reasons there are so few HK posts on EDS…I don’t know if I’ll ever blog the places there, which is a shame and feels somehow like a ‘waste’ but on the one hand, I’m glad I’m enjoying food blogging again. For a while it was “so Gem when are you going to blog about *insert name here*???” – argh, when I bloody well want to, dammit! Whoops, semi-rant…sowwy!

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