Cafe Rubicon

50 Errol St, North Melbourne
Phone: 9329 3389

Right now I’m going to step back in time. With the flurry of eating, and the lack of posting, I have quite the backlog of photo-filled drafts waiting to be written. So I’m going to cast my mind back to December last year, when a group of us from the coal mine had our work Christmas lunch at Cafe Rubicon.

Details are a bit hazy, but overall, everyone enjoyed their lunch, and the office Kris Kringle played out to everyone’s satisfaction, too!

I ordered the chilli prawns. The menu at Rubicon is a little strange, in that it specifies exactly how many prawns are in the dish. I guess that’s good, in that you know what to expect, but really? Do I need to know that I’m getting twelve prawns in the dish before I order it?

I think it might be a ploy, because I didn’t receive twelve prawns – I got thirteen! Customer relationship management rule #17: lower expectations, then exceed them! The sauce itself was pretty tasty, if a touch on the sweet side, and lacking any real chilli punch.

From left to right: Chicken salad, Risotto di mare, Linguini marinara (the latter two topped with a fried soft-shelled crab!).

Saffron prawn risotto (with an unspecified number of prawns!).

Left: a rather mammoth Chicken burger. Right: Chicken Parmigiana.
Rubicon is a pretty standard cafe. None of the dishes are particularly innovative or out-of-the-ordinary, but it’s all of a respectable standard. It’s a good place to go when you have a group of people who feel like eating different things, and they’re very accommodating with special dietary requests. I found the service a little over-bearing, but at least they were attentive!

Oh, and the cakes and pies are a winner.
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