Technical difficulties: blogpress

So I’ve discovered a fatal flaw with my blogging process. I’m relying on a company whose website has appalling Engrish on their website to store and serve my images.

I currently use the blogpress app on my iPhone to publish my blog posts from my phone (well, the image portion of my posts, anyway). The blogpress servers have been down for about two days now, which means the vast majority of my posts are now without images. Apparently, they’re working on the problem, so hopefully they can resolve it soon. Otherwise I’m faced with the prospect of re-uploading images for well over 100 posts!

Anyway, I apologise for using the default setting on the app, which I have now changed (images will now be stored with blogger) and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Not that it was Blogger’s fault at all, but one more reason to move to WordPress? Maybe it’s time…

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