Coconut House Laksa Special

449 Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD
Phone: 9329 6401

Yeah, I’m back for more. Last time I had the chicken rice, so this time I thought I’d try the laksa. The laksa special, that is. Ooh, and what a special laksa!

As you can see (from my upside-down photo) there’s your regular fishcake, prawn and tofu puffs, but then add to that a chicken drumstick, and a beautiful sunny side runny yolk fried egg! Total WIN.
The laksa soup itself was probably a touch heavy on the coconut, and even the fresh chillies didn’t deliver quite enough heat I thought, but what do you expect from a place called Coconut House, right?

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6 Replies to “Coconut House Laksa Special”

  1. Oooo laksamania! I Like!! How was the chicken rice? Have I missed that post? OMG I haven't had chicken rice in Singapore! #bloggerfail

  2. The chicken rice was ok, not amazing! Unfortunately, most of my images have temporarily disappeared 🙁 Server issues with blogpress (the iPhone app I use to upload photos) but hopefully they'll be back soon, and I'm switching over to the blogger albums instead from here on out.


  3. LOL yea I haven't. Although I did have chicken ball rice in Meleka.

    I stil haven't tried the 2nd laksa type in S'pore. Arrgh. No time!

  4. HAVE to try Coconut House soon. The question is I have so many recs for dishes, I don't know what to order!!!

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