Le Chien

5 Gamon St, Seddon
Phone: 9362 7333

There’s a dearth of cafes which serve a Western breakfast in Footscray. While that’s not really an issue for me – I’ll take a bowl of congee or pho, or a banh mi or some yum cha any day – I know that some people prefer a more familiar breakfast menu on the weekends. So when Ms A came to stay last weekend, we headed down to nearby Seddon for a coffee and some breakfast.

Walking down Charles St, and being unfamiliar with the area, I held out against choosing any of the cafes we passed, because I remembered driving past Le Chien and it being bustling. Always a good sign. So we rounded the corner and dodged the dog-walking locals, and pressed on the button for the automatic swinging door to open. OK, I had to mention that because it’s a novel gadget. And I’m a guy. We get distracted by things like that.

Anyway, we were seated at a table by the window. I was facing outside, with my back being buffeted by a fan which was on rather high. It was a warm morning, but I don’t think it warranted such wind speed. The couple at the table next to us asked for the fan to be turned down at one point, and were bluntly told, “No”. Which was a little odd, considering the service on the whole was quite friendly.

We ordered a couple of coffees, which took an inordinately long time to arrive, and when they did, were not fantastic. I was starting to think we should have stayed in Footscray and had ca phe sua da instead.

It was another lengthy wait – and yes, they were busy, but we’re talking around half an hour here – until our breakfast came. I ordered the avocado and tomato on sourdough, with a piggyback side order of black pudding on Ms A’s eggs on toast breakfast.

The avocado and tomato were wonderfully fresh, but the toast was incredibly hard. Peering over at the kitchen, the reason why was immediately obvious. A stack of toast was sitting by the grill, waiting to be plated. As it was busy, it probably wasn’t sitting there for that long, but then again, it did take half an hour for our food to arrive… There was also an unfortunate piece of avocado skin in the dish, which is a small thing, but not adding anything positive to my first impression.

Ms A ordered poached eggs with mushrooms – the chunk of black pudding on the plate was quickly relocated to my plate – she also found her toast hard and difficult to cut, though her eggs were well poached.

The blood pudding, for me, was the saving grace of this breakfast visit. Full of iron-y goodness, and not shy with a bold punch of salt, I’m guessing this is a great example of black pudding. It was also studded with fatty chunks of meat, and the texture was perfect – a little coarse, yet moist, sticky and melting.

Overall, I can see why Le Chien is popular, though I’m not so sure why it’s so popular! But then a lot of decent – but not great – cafes are. I’m going to try out the other places in the Charles St strip before coming back, I think.

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5 Replies to “Le Chien”

  1. Was going to check it out… this will be further down my list now… but the did you say black pudding!

  2. I used to love love love le Chien. I would go here every Friday to study, eat breakfast and drink way too much excellent coffee. There was one particular waiter who had a long ponytail/plait who was awesome. But the coffee has gone downhill and I detect more 'tude lately, not sure if that (hot!) waiter is still there.

    I have moved on to Cornershop in Yarraville – lovely staff, great food at extremely decent prices and COFFEEEEE to die for!

    Let me know if you ever do find more good coffee in Seddon as it is semi-walkable for me, while Yarraville isn't really. I have also had coffees at Gravy Train and Seddon Deadly Sins and both were pretty average.

  3. @penny yeah, this black pudding was so much better than the one at il Fornaio, too. I should have asked where they source it from!

    @Lauren Glad to hear I wasn't wrong in my estimation of the place, even though I'm a little sad to hear it, too. There was a little 'foodstore' cafe which looked cute. That's next on my list!

  4. The best black pudding I've had so far (and my forays are still in their infancy) was at The Terminus in Clifton Hill. Pretty sure you'd dig it too B but I believe it was a seasonal special for spring.

  5. That's funny, I would have thought blackpudding would be more of a winter treat? But then my knowledge of the black pud' is pretty non-existent. I just knows I likes it.

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