Al Albero

354 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy
Phone: 9486 3233

You know, when people say ‘good pizza’ to me these days, I immediately think of a thin crust, minimalist toppings, and hopefully there’s goat’s cheese somewhere in the mix. Al Albero is pretty much the antithesis of that (except for the goat’s cheese bit) and yet there’s no denying it’s good pizza. If not great pizza.

I was first taken there by @essjayeff for a quick dinner with half of the Phat Preston trivia team before heading to the Gastronomica quiz a few weeks ago. On that visit, I thought I’d abstain from documenting, because, well, sometimes it’s nice to take the night off. And also my spidey-senses warned me that fellow foodbloggers might get a little judgey judgey about my iPhoneography.

On my return visit, unfortunately the duck pizza – yep, you read correctly, DUCK PIZZA – had been taken off the menu. I was told that the removal was temporary, and a new menu should probably be in place by now. This return visit was another pizza date, and was very much the antithesis of the Papa Gino’s excursion. The pizza was good, and so was the conversation. And the fella. But again, digress much?

We ordered two pizzas – a medium lamb pizza, and a small of the Albero. We really should have ordered two smalls.

The lamb pizza is topped with meat that’s been stripped off slow-roasted lamb shanks, big hunks of tomato, goat’s cheese and fresh herbs. The base is much more doughy, like a foccacia, so expect to fill up quite quickly. Though the duck pizza is more exciting on paper, I think the lamb pizza is definitely my favourite here.

The Albero is a vegetarian option, with pumpkin, goat’s cheese, capsicum and a whole lot of fresh basil to top it off. It’s good, but I probably would’ve added lamb to it, if I had my way.

There are a lot of reviews on urbanspoon about this place, saying the service is slow and sucks, and the pizza is thick and soggy, but I personally haven’t had any bad experiences there. Both nights I went were quite quiet, but I imagine there would be quite a wait if the place were busy, as it’s only a one or two person operation, in a tiny kitchen, where everything is made from scratch. So you should factor that in, if you’re planning to go.

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  1. Hi Billy – you went without me? 🙂 The lamb pizza is definitely a winner. Yum – I want one for breakfast now!

  2. I couldn't agree more! I don't understand all the anger on urban spoon, everything is made from scratch and it's all made by one person so there can be a wait, but it's worth it. people can be so unreasonable.

  3. What’s the point in blogs or review websites if you are just going to stick your stupid-shitty-pizza-lovin head in the sand and say “oh I don’t know what they are talking about on Urban Spoon”? Why piggy-back off that website then?
    Could it be possible that the MANY reviews that balance the debate are actually based on experience, good lord! And those have taken the time to give feedback accordingly?
    Lovliest chap…my god. What’s this pizza world coming to.

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