Spudbar Richmond

226 Swan St, Richmond
Phone: 9421 6033

When I used to study at Swinburne University in Hawthorn, I’d sometimes stop in at Spudbar for lunch. When I lived in Westgarth, I’d go to the baked potato place for dinner. I used to like shopping on Bridge Road more for the fact there was a baked potato place than for the outlet shops. Basically what I’m trying to say, is I like a good baked potato meal.

Spudbar is one of what I would refer to as a ‘Boost’-style eatery chains. They take a simple concept, execute it efficiently, if not spectacularly, and make it clean, accessible and ‘funky’. Sometimes it works, sometimes it can’t shake the mechanised cookie-cutter feel of a food court outlet. Spudbar is somewhere in between. The decor is interesting – the fitout is nice, if a little contrived in its quirkiness.

On this occasion, I had the chicken and chorizo spud.

It was a good topping, though it was definitely more chicken than chorizo. The corn and beetroot added a nice sweetness to the whole affair, though my main gripe with this was that the dish was all topping and not enough spud! Which is odd, considering that potatoes are probably the cheapest ingredient. Also, the use of the big Japanese ramen bowls (which are deeper than they are wide) made the mixing of ingredients a bit tricky.

Mr D had the classic spud (cheese, corn, cabbage, sour cream with a side of avocado.

It sounded a little bland, if you ask me. He seemed happy enough with it, but I think we both decided the place on Bridge Road (which isn’t that far away) is better.

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  1. Baked potato with coleslaw and grated cheese was one of the only things I could eat when I had morning sickness with my last baby. Strangely enough, this does not mean I hate them now!

  2. Did you ever go to the baked potato cafe on Errol St? Was so sad when it closed down – you would probably have liked it. Way generous Billy-sized servings and vegie too!

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