Paisano lunch with Adriano Matteoni

OK, I said that Bourke Street Bakery would be my last Sydney post for a while, but I lied. I couldn’t not share with you all the wonderful lunch prepared by Adriano Matteoni (of Clipper and Clover fame). It’s almost unnecessary to say that the food was all amazing – of course! – and we were all completely sated.

L & R: The green of beans with roast garlic and mashed peas with basil and lemon zest.
L: Beef “almost-carpaccio”, the makings of a panzanella salad. R: A vinaigrette.
L: The mashed peas were added to elbow macaroni and a hefty amount of parmesan – so smple, yet so delicious! R: The panzanella salad takes shape.
Dressed carpaccio; lunch is served!
Adriano made me a latte on his little home-sized Giotto. The consummate professional even at home, check out the fern action!

Thanks to Adriano and Kana for a wonderful afternoon!