Aix Cafe Creperie Salon

24 Centre Place, Melbourne CBD
Phone: 9662 2667

For the longest time, I didn’t know that Centre Place was called Centre Place. Despite the signage. In my head, it was Lunchtime Lane, and I liked that name. Of course, ignorance is sometimes bliss, but often it also keeps you from finding the good stuff. In this case, I didn’t know that Centre Place is not only abuzz at lunchtime, but also bustling for breakfast. On a brisk morning, I stopped in at Aix Creperie on my way to work.

I love pancakes, but I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of crepes. Perhaps they’re a little too thin and ethereal for me. But I’ll give anything a go – twice – and after Breizoz this was pretty much make or break. A quick scan of the menu, and it was quite obvious which crepe I was going to have for breakfast.

Field mushroom and taleggio. With some spinach thrown in for good measure.

To be honest, I could have done without the spinach. Or perhaps it could just have been cooked a little longer, because it was far from wilted, and the mushrooms were a bit raw for my liking as well. I love when mushrooms have been cooked through, the earthy flavours developed, and the texture becomes more meaty. I’m not sure if it was just the style, or because they were still setting up and prepping for lunch, but I was pretty disappointed. The crepe itself was quite good, though, and I’d rate Aix better than Breizoz.

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