517 Malvern Rd, Toorak
Phone: 9826 8815

I had the good fortune of tagging along to the tail end of one of Mr N’s friends’ birthday celebrations the other night. The group was moving on for dessert, but I had yet to have dinner. Thankfully, the kind folk at Soto (short for South of Toorak, the new incarnation of Pizza e Vino) still kept the kitchen open late on a Tuesday night. It was also their official opening night, renovations having been finished over the weekend.

Soto has a modern feel to it, with architectural ruses such as curtains to separate dining spaces, and a good mix of traditional and communal dining. Being a large group, we took over the large square table which dominates the front area of the restaurant. The service was responsive, welcoming and generally very convivial.

For my late repast, I chose one of the pizzas from the menu. It was a decent thin crust, with prosciutto, confit potatoes, asparagus and ricotta(?) artfully placed, topped off with some fresh basil and what I think was baby cress. It was very tasty, though I’m not 100% sure the asparagus was necessary.

The rest of the group meanwhile indulged in desserts and coffee. Here’s a look at Mr N’s chocolate fondant, which looked deliciously gooey, and there was a chorus of approval from around the table for the various desserts.

I was impressed by this new version of Pizza e Vino, and hopefully I’ll be back soon to try some of the mains from the menu. I’m fairly sure I remember seeing belly pork on there!

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  1. The main courses are well worth trying, especially the Angus steak and the lamb shank, but the seafood linguini is also excellent.

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