The Commoner

122 Johnston St, Fitzroy
Phone: 9415 6876

Having lived in Collingwood for a year, and having been told by my housemates on a semi-regular basis that The Commoner does amazing breakfasts, I thought it might finally be time to put it to the test. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I caught up with a friend over brunch, and neither of us could decide between the Honky sandwich or the Arabic pancake, so we decided to share both. Two-course brunch win!

The honky sandwich isn’t the most impressive looking meal, I must say. When it arrived at the table, it was immediately overshadowed by the scrumptious-looking Arabic pancake. I’m not an organic-wholefood nazi by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s rare to see sandwiches served on untoasted white bread outside of a food court or arcade cafe these days, no? However, the bread is delightfully soft, and the second you pick the sandwich up, you understand what’s going on here. These thick white pillows are there to cradle and cushion the awesomeness inside. The asweomeness is bacon, fried egg, spinach, aioli, and my personal favourite element, harissa. The flavours are all bold, and they work together beautifully. It may be Honky, but there’s nothing off-key going on here!

The Arabic pancake is similarly satisfying. The stewed apple and berries have now been replaced by lemon curd and pistachio on the menu, sadly. They added just the right amount of tartness (along with the house yoghurt) to the sweet, fluffy pancake, which itself secretly possessed hints of cinnamon and rose essence. OK, so I’ve effused enough. You get the idea; both dishes are perfectly fine choices from the brunch menu.
For a refreshing alternative to juice, I had the Vimto (also on my housemate’s recommendation) because I wasn’t quite up to the Bloody Mary that morning!

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  1. I'm sad to report that the Honky Sandwich is no longer available. I got the word that the bread is from Dench, so I'll be making them at home sometime soon, methinks!

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