Thaila Thai

82 Lygon St, East Brunswick
9387 0659

Thaila Thai’s been one of my favourites for going on a decade now, back when I used to live around the corner from it. Massive serves of delicious curries and stir fries, with vegetables on the crunchy side of cooked are a winner with me. As are the very reasonable prices, which have slowly crept up in recent years, but are still relatively cheap.

I went there with my family not so long ago, which was interesting, because my parents owned restaurants for about 20 years before retiring recently, and are nothing if not tough critics when dining out. I guess that’s where I get it from. This occasion we had Kai Pad Gra Pow(chicken stir-fried with basil and chilli), Yum Nuer Yang (a spicy beef salad), the Pad Thai Moo (with pork) and at dad’s behest, a Gang Lamb (slow-cooked lamb curry).

The stir fry was tasty, the salad refreshing, and the pad Thai particularly moreish. The lamb curry was a bit odd; not bad, just not particularly Thai style, and I’ve been informed by a friend who’s been a Thai ex-pat for 5 years that lamb isn’t a traditionally used meat in Thai food, by any means.

If you get the chance (or if you’re getting take away) watch the cooks in action – it’s an interesting assembly line process where one cook starts off the meat, one deals with the vegies, and one sauces the dish. Not unlike a Western kitchen, I guess, but sort of novel in an Asian restaurant.

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