Krabi Thai

259 Keilor Road, Essendon North
Phone: (03) 9374 4488
Closed Mondays

A cute little suburban Thai restaurant with bright blue walls, Thai ornamentalia everywhere, colourful placemats and cheery, prompt service. You know it’s authentic because they have the requisite pictures of the King on the wall (my personal fave, Rama V, in this case).

We ordered the Gaeng Ped Yang (red duck curry) and the Pad Prik Gai (chicken stir-fried with ginger), along with some coconut rice. The curry was delicious – sweet, coconutty and spicy, with just thr right amount of chilli kick to keep you coming back for more. I’m always a fan of fruit in curries, so the lychees and pineapple were a winner. The chicken stir-fry wasn’t light on the ginger, and the vegetables were still on the crunchy side of cooked. Which are both awesome things. It was a touch oily, however. The coconut rice was also an epic WIN, sweet enough to eat on its own, and with shredded kaffir lime leaves throughout.

It’s no Longgrain, but thankfully so. Charming without being pretentious, like a real Thai restaurant should be.

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