The explanation

So I’ve been a sporadic blogger for about five years now. And I’ve been a lover of food for, oh, about 29 and a half years…

In any case, a sizeable amount of my life revolves around food, and I’m unashamedly passionate about it. I’m not sure I would classify myself as a ‘foodie’, because that seems to have certain connotations of food elitism about it, and while I do enjoy ‘fine food’, I can (all too) often be found drunk at 3am consuming cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, or a souvlaki from some joint which happens to be open at that hour.

So what’s my take on things, where’s my gimmick, what’s my bent? I’m not really a patient guy. And I’m a little forgetful. So while many of my friends are organised and dedicated documenters of the culinary arts, with their SLRs and attention to detail, I prefer to dig in and more often than not, the camera I’ll use will be in my phone, because who can be bothered carrying one more gadget these days, really? (If you’re a girl or a ‘metrosexual’ with and attendant bag, woo for you – me, I’m most often a pockets man.)

So here goes – expect sometimes poorly photographed photos of food which has already been attacked. Expect short, direct appraisals of the food. That’s what I’m about. For now, until I change my mind, anyway.

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